Standardization needs across technological areas of interest for the Energy Transition

NEON is a cross-disciplinary project aimed at accelerating the energy and mobility transitions by taking an all-encompassing approach, where societal, economic and technical aspects are taken into account.

Although they often go unobserved, standards are an important part of almost every technology we now use. In the context of the energy transition, standards can appear as important tools guiding technological development: they can be indicative that new, green technologies can achieve what they promise, while complying with safety requirements. They can also facilitate the communication of complementary technologies to provide a more complete and seamless functionality. With this in mind, this report explores six technological areas of importance for the energy and mobility transition to identify their standard requirements and availability. This preliminary analysis thus lays down an inventory of the available and required standards in each of these areas. A follow-up report will look into the ongoing standardization activities at the industry level to provide an assessment of the level to which said standards could support the successful and interoperable implementation of the studied technologies.

Read more about the research conducted by Sofia Rosero Abad here. If you would like to learn more about this study, please contact Sven Maltha.