Education – the labour market

Good education is an important prerequisite for the social and economic development of our society. The best preparation for the labour market starts with an education that gives young people the right skills and knowledge to meet employers’ requirements.

Dialogic conducts studies related to life-long learning, beta and technique as well as excellence and ICT in education. Furthermore, we have extensive experience of research and consultancy in the field of linking education to the labour market. Dialogic charts employers’ shifting requirements (based on job vacancies), and also looks at the prospects with new training programmes, the demand for graduates in existing courses and the extent to which certain sectors are facing the threat of future shortages.

Dialogic is also involved in providing the content for training programmes which improve the transition between ICT students and the labour market, such as at the ICT Lab. Initiated by Dialogic and ROC Midden Nederland (the training centre for the central Netherlands region), this ICT Lab enables intermediate vocational students to work on ICT-related social topics in a business environment.

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