Max Kemman

(Senior researcher / consultant)
  • Topics
  • Science
  • Scholarship and higher education
  • Open Science

Max Kemman (1987) works at Dialogic as a senior researcher/consultant. He is specifically interested in how science, scholarship and higher education operate and have an impact on society. Questions of interest include how scholarship underlies the development of policy, as well as how policy shapes the conduct of scholarship, particularly in the context of Open Science policies. He is furthermore interested in the study of scholarly practices and the evaluation of scholarly impact. Finally, Max is interested in how research infrastructures are established and designed to facilitate scholarship.

Max investigates such questions through mixed-methods and is experienced in both qualitative approaches such as interviews and ethnographic observations, as well as (innovative) quantitative approaches such as bibliometrics, text mining and classification through machine learning.

Max has a background in Artificial Intelligence (Utrecht University BSc, 2009) and Information Science (Utrecht University MSc, 2011). He has investigated the design of digital tools for historical research at Erasmus University Rotterdam. At the University of Luxembourg he conducted PhD research on the cross-disciplinary collaboration between historians and computational experts, leading to a PhD in history (2019). He is currently working on a book discussing the results of this PhD research, which will be published by the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History and De Gruyter.

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