Adriaan Smeitink

(Junior researcher / consultant)
  • Topics
  • Innovation policy
  • Finance
  • Data science

At Utrecht University, I completed both the Master’s programme Innovation Sciences and the Master’s programme Financial Management. I also studied at the University of Victoria in Canada for one semester during my Bachelor’s degree in Science & Innovation Management. During the Innovation Sciences programme, I gained knowledge on subjects like innovation policy and societal transitions, and data science. I wrote my thesis about steering the charging behavior of electric car drivers in Amsterdam, in order to accelerate the transition to electric transport. For this research, I analyzed data about charging behavior and conducted interviews with electric car drivers. The analyses show that societally undesirable charging behavior takes place, such as simultaneous charging during peak hours, and that this can be steered through, for example, incentives or technical innovations. The Master’s programme Financial Management focused mainly on (business) economics and financial analyses, with an elective data science component. I wrote my thesis for Financial Management at the CPB Netherlands Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis, about the reliability of the WOZ values ​​in the Netherlands.

During my studies I learned how innovations develop from ideas into marketable products and how innovation policies can play a crucial role within the innovation system. I also studied topics such as sustainability and energy, where innovation is an important component. On top of that, I have regularly conducted quantitative analyses using data science tools, as well as qualitative analyses through interviews and literature research. These two methods often complement each other well in research.

I live in Utrecht, where I play tennis and take dancing lessons in my spare time. In addition, I can occasionally be found in the gym or in a football stadium, and I enjoy cooking and traveling.

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