Frank Bongers

(Principal consultant)
  • Topics
  • (Policy) evaluation
  • Science-, technology and innovation policy
  • Public governance

I help governments determine whether their policies are having the desired effect. Thanks to implementing numerous (evaluation) assignments in the field of innovation, science and culture, I am an experienced evaluator/project manager and have become familiar with the many facets of public administration. Most of my work is for ministries (Economic Affairs, Finance, Infrastructure & the Environment, Education Culture & Science), implementing institutions such as Public Works & Water Management (RWS) and KING, universities (Wageningen, Eindhoven & Tilburg) and non-profit (e.g. Incentive Fund for the press, Film Fund, NWO). Also Flanders is familiar territory for me through my work for their Economy, Science and Innovation Department (EWI) and organisations such as Flanders’ FOOD, Sirris & VITO, VLAIO & VRWI.

In 2000 I was awarded a PhD for my study on policy-making and ICT, and my main topics of interest are government, digitization and innovation. For several years I was group consultant in information provision for the Dutch province of North Brabant and have been active in local courts of Auditors for more than a decade. I share my evaluation research through trade publications and presentations. Together with Ghent University, I organise an annual scientific meeting on policy research.

Outside work, I can be found visiting fine arts museums, concocting something in the kitchen, or with my nose in a history book.

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