Pim den Hertog

  • Thema's
  • Innovation policy
  • Service innovation
  • Strategic policy advisory

Since 1990 I am essentially concerned with how we can maximize the benefits of investment in knowledge and innovation as an economy and society. Although I am originally an economical geographer, I am primarily an innovation scientist. In addition to strong analytical skills, I am familiar with political-administrative relationships and have strong communication skills.

As a senior researcher/consultant and project manager, I mainly focus on monitoring and evaluating science, entrepreneurship and innovation policy and governance. In addition, one of my favorite domains is the management of service innovation, in all conceivable contexts. For the past 25 years I worked for countless, mostly (semi-)public organizations including various ministries (EZ, Finance, OCW,  IenM and  the Flemish EWI), OECD, the European Commission, AWTI, NWO, STW, RVO and the Tax Administration. Furthermore, as one of the founding partners of Dialogic, I am also working on the further development of Dialogic.

After completing my studies of Economic Geography at the Utrecht University (1990), I worked with TNO Strategy Technology and Policy for eight years before founding Dialogic in 1998.  In 2008-2010 I was seconded to the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. Among other things, I contributed to the creation of the Amsterdam Centre for Service Innovation. I also completed my dissertation on Managing Service Innovation there. In my spare time, I support my three children in race sailing.

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