Reg Brennenraedts

(Senior partner / senior consultant)
  • Topics
  • Strategy & policy
  • Digitization
  • Finance

Reg Brennenraedts is an experienced public policy researcher and strategy consultant with almost fifteen years of experience.
The core of his work revolves around the optimal use of digital technologies by companies, public organizations and society. Keywords are digital connectivity, cyber security, artificial intelligence and data. He also has a special interest in tax and innovation policy. In his daily practice, he mainly performs analyses in the field of strategy, policy, forecasting, evaluations and finance.

In the past decade Reg has successfully completed over 200 projects. Especially the Dutch public sector makes use of his knowledge and expertise. Clients include: Ministries (Interior, Economic Affairs & Climate, Finance), all Dutch provinces, many municipalities and (semi-)public organisations (utilities, security, regional development, academia). He also worked for international organizations such as the ITU, World Bank, OECD, Europese Commissie, Eurostat, UNESCO and The Conference Board.

In addition to his project work is Reg partner at Dialogic. In this role, he is responsible for both the management and the strategic direction of this company of approximately 30 employees. Reg (1978) has the Dutch nationality and studied in Eindhoven. Here he obtained three engineering degrees: Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences. Later in his career he completed an international MBA with a specialization in finance at TIAS (the best business school in The Netherlands according to the Financial Times).

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