Robbin te Velde

(Principal consultant)
  • Thema's
  • Science and Innovation policy
  • Public order and safety
  • Research methods and design

I am fascinated by the philosophy of science (‘what is true/what is fact?’) and research as a craft. While continually striving to innovate research methods and techniques, I am good at interpreting and presenting numerical data in an accessible way.

My expertise lies in science, technology and innovation policies and public order & safety. Over my entire career, I have carried out studies (to date, more than 200) in many countries and for governments as well as companies. I have been affiliated to the three Dutch universities of technology, a think tank (RAND Corporation), two of my own companies and two research consultancies – one of which being Dialogic for the past seventeen years.

My family is my life, and I love poetry (because you cannot describe everything in numbers).

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