Tommy van der Vorst

  • Topics
  • Mobile networks
  • Digitization
  • AI and machine learning

As a reseacher, I provide clients with strategic advice in the telecom domain, mostly based on quantitative data. My comprehensive technical knowledge and experience with software development enables me to approach strategic issues not only with an eye for detail, but also enables me to quickly develop relevant proof-of-concepts and models. My main interests lie in Internet of Things, mobile networks, cyber security and blockchain technology.

I carry out work for a variety of (semi)public and private organisations, including ABN Amro, Agentschap Telecom, Alliander, Enexis, Eurostat, FEI, ITU, Chamber of Commerce, Nauta Dutilh, OESO, Sligro, TenneT, T-Mobile, Wolters Kluwer and several Dutch provinces and ministries. At Dialogic I am responsible for the development of our tools and platform providing online services.

I completed my master’s degree in Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology and Università L. Bocconi in Milan, with an internship at Philips IP&S. Since 2010 I have been developing apps and web applications through my own company Pixelspark.  I enjoy endurance sports like cycling and running as well as snowboarding and sailing.

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