Tommy van der Vorst

  • Thema's
  • Mobile networks
  • Digitization
  • AI and machine learning

To truly understand how something works, I prefer to take it apart completely and try to put it back together myself. I apply this approach to strategic advice in the digitalization and telecom domain, which often involves a strong technical component. Small details can make a significant difference in this field. My technical background and knowledge enable me to bridge the gap between policy makers and specialists. The insights and advice I provide to clients are largely based on quantitative data and models. My programming and data analysis skills, as well as my attention to detail, are used daily in developing these insights and advice.

I focus on themes such as mobile networks, cybersecurity, and machine learning. I work for various (semi-)public and private organizations, including the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur (RDI), Alliander, Enexis, Eurostat, ITU, Chamber of Commerce, Nauta Dutilh, OECD, Sligro, TenneT, Wolters Kluwer, and various other Dutch ministries and provinces. At Dialogic, I am responsible for our ICT infrastructure, software development, and online services.

I completed my master’s degree in Innovation Sciences at TU/e and Università L. Bocconi in Milan, with an internship at Philips IP&S. For many years, I developed web applications and mobile apps for various clients, including Rabobank and CostPerform. In addition to my work at Dialogic, I contribute to open source software projects, particularly in the field of machine learning.


  • Data analysis, data engineering, and machine learning: extensive knowledge of relational databases and associated analysis languages (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite; 15+ years of experience), GIS (PostGIS), and Excel. Experience with language models (BERT and related), frameworks (Keras, ONNX), Python (Pandas, etc.).
  • Software development: 15+ years of practical experience with Java, C/C++, Python, and Rust (see my open-source contributions). Expert-level knowledge of web development (HTML5, JavaScript/TypeScript and CSS, and frameworks such as React, Vue, and Nuxt).
  • Telecommunications: knowledge of 3GPP network architectures, radio technology (LTE/5G NR), spectrum policy, security considerations, and cryptography. Actively involved in national telecom and spectrum policy and implementation for more than 10 years.
  • Strategic advice: in-depth knowledge of intellectual property (IP)/appropriation strategy, innovation strategy, and technology explorations.
  • Project leadership and other research skills: 12+ years of experience with interviewing, reporting, and presenting in Dutch and English, various international projects and presentations, and 10+ years of experience leading larger research projects.
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