Wazir Sahebali

(Researcher / consultant)
  • Topics
  • Innovation sciences
  • Data science

In my work I like to research the story behind quantitative data, since a specific context can qualitatively enrich one’s insights into quantitative results. During my education and my spare time I have gained experience in performing statistical analyses and obtaining geographical visualizations using a wide selection of software packages. My training as an innovation scientist complements this specific interest. While on the one hand I like to delve into the technical operation of an innovation, on the other hand I enjoy studying the position of society in such a development. In this way I try to connect technology and society, so that these domains can communicate and understand each other. Through this, the interaction between these entities can be understood.

I have followed a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Innovation and a Master’s degree in Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology. During my master I also studied a semester at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). At the DTU I followed courses in data science in addition to the field of innovation sciences. I completed my graduation project during an internship at Dialogic. In this project I investigated the properties of fiber optic roll-out in the Netherlands on the basis of quantitative factors, including social and geographic statistics. The research showed that, in addition to these static effects, mutual relations on the basis of space and time also play a major role in the roll-out of optical fiber. For roll-out is a dynamic process.

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