eSkillsPolicy – Benchmarking study on policies on multi-stakeholder partnerships for e-skills in Europe

This study has been completed by empirica for the European Commission in January 2008. The main objective was to benchmark existing policies and initiatives in Europe on multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSP) in the field of e-skills.

The results include a stock-taking of MSP for e-skills development and related policies, using a network ( of national correspondents from all EU Member States as well as Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Turkey. They bring transparency to the IT practitioner training and certification market. Recommendations focus on appropriate legal, financial and institutional frameworks for the development of scalable and sustainable MSP.

The report and a brochure present the important findings of the study. Twenty good practice case studies are described. Together with access to the ‘Knowledge Database of best practice descriptions’ these are available for download in electronic format at the website:

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    10 January 2008
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