Internationalisation of innovation in SMEs

There are relatively few SMEs doing R&D and Innovation and an even more limited number on an international scale. That is a pity, because based on various studies, we can see that SMEs operating actively in international markets make more profit, grow faster (thus create more jobs) and innovate more quickly. Dialogic examined the barriers for SMEs to innovate.

  • Doing business internationally is both costly and full of risks. SMEs find it difficult for example to protect their intellectual property;
  • SMEs encounter trade restrictions and complex administrative procedures;
  • Finding good local partners is also a major challenge. Cooperation with foreign partners is hampered by distance, language barriers, but also by cultural differences.

Additionally, we investigated to what extent current European policy is encouraging international innovation. Stimulating internationalisation (export) and R&D or innovation often appear to be two separate worlds.

We conducted this research together with German consultancy Empirica on behalf of the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation.

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    1 September 2016
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    European Commission
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