Mapping Innovation Policy in Services

As part of the 2006-2007 innovation policy project in services (IPPS, a preparatory SSA Inno-Net project) participating countries provide country reports on the existing policy measures aimed at supporting service innovation. This country report will provide an overview of the policy efforts aimed at facilitating service innovation in the Netherlands. It will map the policy efforts aimed at and affecting the scope for service innovation using a typology of innovation policy measures as introduced by Professor Luke Georghiou. The research questions addressed in this country report are directly derived from the related policy mapping template provided by the coordinators of the IPPS project. The country report is largely based on desk research (e.g. EU Trendchart database and recent research reports) and additional interviews by telephone.

Research questions addressed in the country reports are:

    • Which policy actors are involved in the National Innovation System (DIS)?
    • Which actors have recognised services and related innovations
    • How do the policy actors address service related innovations?

How can supply-side measures be described that are targeting services related innovation?

  • How can demand-side measures be described that are targeting services related innovation?
  • How can measures promoting services internationalization be described?
  • How can measures seeking to create favourable framework conditions for service related innovations be described?
  • Are there some future policy measures being developed for services and related innovation?


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