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The Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy (further AWT) is currently preparing an advice on the use of public private partnerships (PPPs) in relation to focus and mass in the Dutch research infrastructure and valorisation of knowledge. In the Dutch context the role of PPPs is on the rise. PPPs seem to be increasingly perceived as solutions to derive at a less fragmented and more strategically pointed research infrastructure as well as a way to better exploit knowledge generated within the available knowledge infrastructure. However, PPPs are only one way to attain those policy goals and various other mechanisms or policy interventions are available that might be used as well.

In order to better understand to what degree PPPs can be used for realising focus and mass and valorisation AWT requested a consortium of Dialogic and Technopolis to perform a quick scan in eight selected European countries. The aim of this quick scan is twofold:

  1. Appreciate how and the degree to which a selection of comparable European countries are dealing with the process of focus and mass in and valorisation of scientific research.
  2. Gain insight into the role played by PPPs in these two processes in countries selected.
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    15 January 2007
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