Standardization needs across technological areas of interest for the Energy Transition

NEON is a cross-disciplinary project aimed at accelerating the energy and mobility transitions by taking an all-encompassing approach, where societal, economic and technical aspects are taken into account. The NEON Project is carried as a collaborative effort between industry and societal partners, government institutions and a consortium of universities with 33 PhDs working on the areas of sustainable energy, safe mobility, societal integration and integral models. The various PhDs are divided in 10 different groups. Within NEON, we refer to these groups as Work Packages (WPs). The first six WPs (WP1-WP6) focus on the technical aspects of the Energy Transition: energy supply, energy transport, energy demand, electric mobility, charging mobility and new mobility. Three other WPs (WP7-WP9) focus on the socio-economic aspects of the transition: personal preferences, governance and societal values. The final WP (WP10) works on an integral model, which constructs quantifiable scenarios by bringing together the insights from all the other WPs. This approach was considered necessary as a true energy transition cannot take place without a deep understanding of the economic, ethical, regulatory and behavioral barriers for the adoption of these technologies.

This report was drafted as an output for WP8, which works in collaboration with Dialogic. The aim of this report is threefold. First, this report is aimed as a preliminary analysis, laying down an inventory of the available and required standards for each of the technical areas of interest for NEON. Three areas will then be proposed as the focus of a follow-up report, which will look into the ongoing standardization activities at the industry level. Second, this report is intended as an update to our partners on the multidisciplinary efforts within NEON by providing an example of cross-package collaborative efforts. Third, it aims to provide the PhDs in the social WPs with an easy to read overview of some of the work being done by the technical PhDs, even if from the point of view of standardization.

Download: Report on Standardization needs across technological areas of interest for the Energy Transition


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