Blockchain platform

Our economy is becoming increasingly digitised, and more and more transactions are taking place online. Trust and security are crucial in this digitised economy and society of the future. Blockchain technology offers solutions to achieve such trust, even in the presence of parties between whom there is no trust.

Whereas formerly travel agencies and taxi centres were central to providing services, we now use mass online platforms such as Booking. com and Uber to obtain the same services cheaper and more efficiently. It is not unthinkable that in the near future even more central institutions will be replaced by online, decentralised platforms; think for instance of banks (crypto-currency), governments (digital democracy) and registers such as the Land Registry and the business register.

The Netherlands is at the forefront of experimenting with and putting blockchain into practice in the public sector; among other things, the healthcare sector is looking at blockchain solutions for the safe sharing of information between healthcare providers, and providing patients with control over their data.

Dialogic’s blockchain platform

Dialogic operates an extensive blockchain platform, on the basis of which we can realize solutions to problems at the heart of the information society. In addition to the necessary hardware and software, we also possess know-how in both the technical and legal fields. We believe that the proper deployment of blockchain is only achievable on the basis of in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology. We are therefore also developing our own blockchain technologies.

One of the efforts started by our researchers is the development of our own blockchain solution based on information rather than on digital contracts and currency. With the software, a blockchain application can be developed like a traditional database application. This makes it very easy to convert existing data models and information architectures into a blockchain solution. This makes it very easy to be able to’ taste’ blockchain and see to what extent the own information architecture fits in with blockchain-based solutions.

Another tool that Dialogic has developed is the ExcelChain: a blockchain built entirely in Excel. With this blockchain, people who are known in Excel but not yet able to work with blockchain in a familiar environment can learn to work with blockchain. The basic principles of blockchains are explained and demonstrated step by step in the Excel file.